My Visa experience – An introduction

I’ve always wanted to come to Australia, to live and build my life here. It was quite a long journey I took before finally arriving, with the certainty that I was here to stay.

A lot of people dream about Australia, it almost seems like the present land of opportunity, just like ‘America’ was way back then. And the truth is, it is!

But it’s not as easy as some might think. I used to get mad when someone would say how jealous they were of me because I was coming to Australia. Not mad at the person itself, but mad because most people didn’t even understood how hard it was to get that visa. What it took and what I had to give up to achieve that goal.

I see so many people asking about this type of information, that I just thought I’d share my own experience through the entire process. So if you find yourself researching about this and come across this blog, I really hope you can get valuable info about migrating to Australia.

Please note that my experience is just that, MINE. It will most likely be completely different from the next person. It’s quite a roller-coaster to travel in!

Cheers Mates!